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    Have you ever been reading a book and wished you could ask the author a little more about something you were reading.  On this page you are invited to ask Ivan the author, those questions about his stories.  If you have been keeping up on Ivan’s Stories as I have.  You know there were times that you would just love to say STOP, Hey Ivan, How did that happen or what was his or hers response.

    Well, here is your chance to do so.  Ask away, I am sure that we might even put Ivan on the spot once to twice.  So get creative and ask him those hidden question about his wonderful stories.

Published on June 22, 2011 at 3:50 pm  Comments (9)  

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  1. I guess I will be the first one to ask the author a question. I know this has nothing to do with this blog but, Bro. Ivan do you remember the year that you played the part of Little Red Riding Hood? It was when we both worked at the Children’s Home. I was the Big Bad Wolf. I am surprised you don’t have a story on that event. I do remember one thing. The kids exploded with laughter when they seen who was behind that vale. GREAT TIMES . . . .

    • I do remember the event and it was great, I wish I had a picture of that and the children did love it.

  2. Hello Ivan We are so proud and happy for you getting your wonderful stories published. and we would love to have a copy. If you will send us the info we will get one ordered.. Thank you and hope you are doing well.. It will be 13 years on August 15th since you married us and we are still happily married. HA HA Daryl is a wonderful , loving generous and patient man and we thank God for getting us together. We will look forward to getting your book Take care and tell every one hello for us. Janice and Daryl Sanders —-805 Edwards Dr—–Franklin Tn. 37064 615-791-0469

    • Great, there is a page on here under Ivan’s book that will give you the details or you can email me at and I will get it out to you.
      Thanks so much, not many sales so you will be one of the few who have a copy.

  3. Yes Ivan there are a lot of people who read these. Most often people are too shy to comment or are sort of paranoid about certain things on the Internet.

    Hug Jim and Jutta and the Baby for me. WIsh Jim a Happy Birthday and give Carole a hug for me – for answering the phone Friday in the middle of her “hair do time” hahaha That was funny!
    I appreciate her more than I could ever tell her without it going to her head!! tee hee!

  4. Ivan are ever coming back to the Nashville area for a visit. I keep waiting for a phone call so we can meet you for lunch.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed your stories over the years, but especially since the death of my wife last year. She had us put on your distribution list, and I continue to be the benefactor. We cannot live in the past, but we can certainly reflect on God’s blessings and our individual journeys.

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