Grumpy Old Grandfather

Grumpy Old Grandfather

Most of you know that I have a grandson, J. R. Osborn, attending the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis where he is also a member of the football team. J. R. is a sophomore and has kicked in a few of their games this year. In fact he kicked the winning field goal in the SMU game with 11 seconds remaining.

The Grumpy problem came in the Military Bowl against the University of Virginia. J. R. kicked off several times in the second half and the ESPN Sports Casters never called his name. Each time it got me a little hotter and hotter.

When I knew something had to happen I dialed 1411 and when it asked for City and State I said, “I need to talk to someone who can help a grumpy grandfather.” After several trials the auto system gave up and put me in touch with a real person, I told her that I needed to talk to someone who could help a grumpy grandfather. She said she knew just the person and put a supervisor on the line.

She asked how she could help a grumpy grandfather and I told her about my problem, she asked where the game was being played and in two seconds I was in touch with the press box at the stadium. I explained my problem to the person who answered and he said that he was neither with nor near ESPN but would send them a note explaining the problem.

They never did call his name but about six o’clock someone from ESPN called to let me know that they were ‘so sorry and would be more aware in the future. I thanked them and begin to worry about how I was going to explain to J. R. if ESPN called the team. Then I looked in the mirror and smiled, I also slept well that night.

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