An Evening With Dad

An Evening With Dad

As many of you know my mother died in 1977 and dad lived another ten years. Somewhere in that journey dad began to be afraid in his home at 246 South Lindsey Street and decided to sell it and moved into a senior adult high rise facility in Jackson. He really seemed to adjust well to the move and living where there were many people his age.

One night, about 2 in the morning he called me to let me know that he was sick, so sick he said that he believed that he was going to die. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was very sick at his stomach and could not stay out of the bathroom. I asked him what he had eaten that day that might cause him to be sick and he said he had only eaten a bowl of banana pudding that was all.

Being two hours away in Nashville I asked him if he had called my sister Alice, she lived about ten minutes away and could be there long before I could arrive. He said that he didn’t want to wake her up so he hadn’t called. I told him that I knew it was late and I understood but if he was really that sick he would be dead before I could get there and even if he did not call her I would have to let her know what was going on so she would be awake under any choice we made.

He wasn’t sure but I told him that I would call her and see what she suggested. Since Alice was the only child left living in Jackson she already did 99% of the care for dad and like him I really hated to call but did not know of any other choice. I explained my conversation with dad and she said that she would go over and check him out and call me back and let me know what needed to be done.

In about twenty minutes she called and said that he was going to be alright that he had eaten some banana pudding and it had made him sick. I told her that he said he had eaten only one bowl of pudding and I didn’t see how that would make him so sick. She replied, “Right only one bowl, one punch bowl of pudding.”

We later learned that the ladies had a party that day and after it was over they had one large punch bowl of banana pudding left so they had given that to my dad, he loved banana pudding and he had gone by the refrigerator about a hundred times with a large spoon and over the afternoon had eaten the entire punch bowl of pudding. He lived, Alice got back to sleep and I made plans to go down the next day and clean both he and the apartment. What a night, but what a next day… wow… Ivan

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