A Dog Named Max

A Dog Named Max

I really don’t know how to write this, Max is my 94 lb. German Shepard, he is in real trouble, but as I am limited by how much I can do at this moment in the way of writing and it is late on Monday 9/11 and I really should be writing about our country and what that day stands for in the hearts of our people, but at the moment a dog named Max is taking us so much room in my emotions.

Even in dog years Max is several years younger than I am but he is so down in his back parts that he just drags his back legs when he tries to walk. He reminds me of the man at the pool who could not walk but each day he drug his body to that pool hoping to be healed. Then he looks at me with those big black eyes and I know he is asking me to do something.

It has been several months since he could hear anything including my voice but I believe he hears me with his heart.

I know most of you will think this is silly and I should do the right thing and let him go, but then I am old and I am sick and yet my heart still feels and hears and longs, but then he is a dog and I am a man but it is sometimes so hard to do what must be done.

I did nothing today but talk to him and pet him, maybe tomorrow, no not tomorrow I will know when, maybe. At the moment he is sleeping, dreaming of those cats who live in back of him, wishing he could make the chase, my dreams are very much the same, dreams of the heart, dreams of doing better, being better, dreams of being young once again.


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