Growing Old In Love

Growing Old in Love

I had watched them grow old together over the ten years that I had been their pastor and it was a beautiful and warming sight. When you would visit in their home, the very house they had come to the night they were married sixty years before, you would see a picture of them on their wedding day, then pictures of their five children, 12 grand children, and more than 20 great grandchildren.

The fire of love still burned warmly in the old house and the spark of the years of being together still kept life meaningful and beautiful. I watched them over the years come out to the cemetery and visit the graves of two of their children, and then I stood with them on a cold February afternoon and watched as the tears froze on their faces as they placed the first born daughter into her final earthly resting place.

They walked from the grave his holding her hand, slowly, waving a bit, but together to the car waiting for them. When I went by to see them the tears still came even though in their hearts they knew that their daughter was in a far better place. The mother said to me pastor, “Just another ‘sweet’ to make heaven more delicious.” We talked about the years that had gone and they remembered events that marked their marriage, his time in Europe during the war, their son going to Vietnam, the hard times when money was short and the good times when their memories could pick out places they had visited, and dreams that had come true over the years.  They told me of God’s care, His wonderful blessings, and His abiding presence in their marriage. She leaned on her husband and I knew it was time to go, with sleep written on both of them I left, praying that God would grant them peace for the days ahead.

My phone rang the next morning at six with his telling me that his wife had died in her sleep just a few minutes before. Once more we walked to that cold cemetery, this time his two children, grandchildren and greats held him as he place a rose on her coffin and walked back to the familiar family waiting car.

I remember that the bible said, ‘Love never fails’, and it did not. Less than sixty days later all of us returned to the now turning green grass of that lonely hill side and said our good byes to this wonderful man and his mark of faithfulness and love, scored a new ridge in our memory and a joyful thought spread through my soul as I watched him enter that new kingdom of ‘Love that never fails’ seeing the greeting arms of his wife and three children standing there in the gate.

 Growing old in Love, had made going home in love, just a bit sweeter and even more delicious.



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