Everyone who knew him was certain that he was a looser. Couldn’t keep a job, begged for a living, and smelled badly, yes he was a loser. Even his body was terrible, covered with boils, nasty; you would not have invited him home for Sunday lunch. In our world of judging people by their looks, money and status in our culture he was a real looser. He would have never made the team, never been included in the ‘group’ no one would like him, he was a looser.

Maybe it was the malformed and misshaped bodies that kept him from working and made him eat under the table with the dogs. From what we know of him there is really nothing that we can say that would be a compliment. He ate the scraps from the rich man’s table and was pleased to receive them.

The dogs would lick his sores and he considered it a blessing. He was one big loser. But when it was all over and done; when all had been said; when the final accounting was taken we find him in the company of God. Of course you know I am talking about Lazarus in Luke chapter 16. Somewhere in that life of a looser, he met Jesus.  We are not told when or how just that he did for in the end his worthless life was paid for by Jesus and there he is in His presence. Maybe part of the story is to teach us that God never sees us as others see us, He sees us as we can be. Maybe it is to remind us that God has never met a loser. Ivan

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