I remember the lines of children who stood outside the camp in Zaire, Africa waiting not for food but for a drink of clean water. About a thousand people a day would die because they were drinking bad water and getting choler which with their starving bodied would kill them within a day or two.

The local government had not cleared us to let the children into the new compound we had built for them; even in a war torn country there are people who rule and must have their way so each morning a number of volunteers would travel the streets of Goma to pick up the bodies of those who had died during the night.

We had finished the camp for 500 children, hired the workers and were ready to receive the children but some bureaucrat had to come and give us permission to save their lives.

Still they would sleep along the fence, stand in the sun, and look desperate throughout the day waiting for water.

Three of us decided we could wait no longer so we ran pipes through the fence and let them run freely so that all who wished could get lifesaving water.

More than three thousand people came with pans, buckets, anything which would hold water over the two days we allowed it to run.

At last the powers to be came and allowed us to open the camp and even to leave the water running through the fence.

Thirst was finished and defeated.

It is this kind of thirst for that right relationship with Christ that will bring to us the full knowledge of kinship to Jesus.

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