I always enjoyed visiting in their home for it was always a new experience. You would turn off of the main highway down a sand road and there at the end was this small white house. No landscaping, not much grass, just sand and more sand. Over in the distance you could see a couple of metal barns for the farming that Dean did to make a living for his family of five.

Inside the house was as simple as the yard, three small bedrooms; small eat in kitchen and small living room with one bath for the family of five. The windows were open and flies filled the house so much so that you could not touch a place on the ceiling without touching a fly. The kitchen stove was so out of balance that when his wife would break an egg in the skillet it would slide to one side, thus they loved scrambled eggs. They were plain folks, not much furniture, clothes and other items that you see in so many homes. A paper from school with the names of the children on them, drawings, and a few pictures that someone had made that was it. But what the house liked in furniture and things it made up for in the shared love and joy of the family.

I told them that I could get rid of the flies and they said, go to it, so I bought them a window air condition and they closed all the other windows and the flies left, but it did not make them any happier, their faces were still filled with the simple joy because they had each other, the Lord and that was plenty.

They always seemed so happy to see me and I never left without them thanking me for coming and walking with me to my car as if they wished I would not leave.

I have met, in my fifty plus years of ministry, very few, if any, families that were as happy, content, and filled with true joy as Dean and his family.

It has been more than fifty years since I have seen them but when I pass the great homes in my community of Franklin, Brentwood, and on the Lake at Byrdstown, I think of them and how happy they were without all the things. I wonder about the families in those great houses and wonder if they have what Dean’s family had. Now there is nothing wrong with things, nice things and wonderful homes, but it is not those ‘things’ that bring real joy, peace, and true ‘family happiness’ to these great houses. It is knowing that your family is part of His family and that all is well. Don’t spend so much time on the things that you have none left for the real things—each other.


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  1. Amen Brother Ivan. What a blessing you are! I so enjoy reading your stories! God Bless you!!

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