One Moment

One Moment

The nineteen stories Baptist Hospital was the hall mark of hospitals in the Mid-South in its day; it was something of a dream for a small town preacher to visit. On this day I had been to see my sister, Alice, who had just come out of intensive care into a private room after heart surgery. My eyes were still filled with tears as I stepped out of the elevator into the lobby hoping to make it to my car and back to Jackson before sundown. As I walked out of the entrance onto the sidewalk a couple standing next to the building looking lost asked me if I were a preacher. In those days I never went out of the house without a suit and tie on so I stood out in the crowd of visitors leaving the hospital. I stopped and told them that I was and asked how I could help. They told me of an accident their son had been in and that the doctors were not sure he would make it through the night. They lived in Tupelo Mississippi and had no one in the area to share in their grief. I invited them back into the hospital and the three of us went to the chapel, we talked and they poured out their hearts about their son, their church, home, his days in school and all the memories that they were relieving on that late afternoon. We prayed and I took all of their information and told them that I would have my church join me in praying for them. They left to get something to eat and I looked up the chaplain at the hospital, we found the pastor in Tupelo and he was on his way to Memphis within minutes of the call.

Some two years later I received a note from them telling me that their son had died but not before the pastor and a number of church members were there to share in that sad moment with them, they thanked me for calling him and explained that it had just occurred to them how the pastor and church knew about the accident. On discovering my address they said they had to let me know how God had walked with them through that moment of contact that we had shared. You never know do you, what a moment can do. God is so good.



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