40 Years Ago

40 Years Ago Today

It was Thursday afternoon on May 5th 1977 that my mother left my arms in our home at 246 South Lindsey Street in Jackson, Tennessee to enter her new home in glory.

Just that afternoon while waiting for a light to change at College and South Royal streets she had asked me if we had to stay in the grave when we died or did we get to go to Jesus the moment we left this life.

I explained to her that she would get about as many different answers as the number of people she might ask. I went on to say that I believed our soul went to be with the Lord and at His return He would give us a brand new body. I also said it did not matter for it was like going to sleep, after we fall asleep the next thing we know it is morning, it doesn’t matter how long we slept when we awake it is a new day.

About six O’clock that night she shook, put her hand in mine and began her journey with her Lord.

It has now been 40 years and life has never been the same. Dad lived another ten years but they were not the same, he had  to learn to write checks, do his laundry, shopping call us on the phone and even how to let us know what he wanted and needed. He had always told mom what he wanted from us and she would call and tell us, he really did not know how to let us know his real needs and thoughts.,

The house never smelled the same, Lindsey Street lost so much of its draw, they were nice years for dad in many ways and it was good for us to have him, but the toll of time sounded with a new tone and life had forever changed.

You know ladies you are like that, life is always altered by you and it is never the same without you. Praise God for making you.

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  1. What a sweet scripture and memory to share Ivan.
    I hope you and Carole and life is Good!

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