The Fish That Went Preaching

The Fish That Went Preaching

Most of us have heard some great fishing stories told by preachers and other fishermen. In fact the stories that fishermen tell about their glorious fishing ventures are for the most part taken with a ‘grain of salt’, maybe the guy used a metric ruler and thought it was in inches?  I suppose we could give him the benefit of the doubt? Even when the preacher tells a fish story we don’t go out and order it up for dinner in fear that we just might not have enough to make a good meal.

But the bible tells us a great story of a fish that went preaching.  That’s right, not a miss print but the story of a fish that preached a great sermon.

I am sure that you have already guessed where I am coming from; sure the book of Jonah.

It seems that God had asked Jonah to do something for him and Jonah just really did not want to obey.  Now we could take up a lot of time and space giving his side of the story and for sure those folks down in Nineveh were down right mean.  Why it was said that they could remove a man’s skin and he wouldn’t die for a day or so.  Wow!  Jonah must have been scared out of his skin.  Nope, no way, he said, “I’m not going down to that city and get my hide removed by those fellows, nope, I going to buy myself a ticket and get out of here.”

Like many of us who have been asked by God to do something Jonah ran, well maybe not ran, he sailed out of the presence of the Lord.

Well to his surprise that was harder to do than he thought.  He soon learned that God is everywhere, not easy to get away from everywhere.

A storm came up and it almost cost the whole crew their lives.  To Jonah’s credit he realized that they were in trouble because of him, so he took his licks.  In this case the licks were ‘walking the plank’ into the sea. Many of us would have given a thousand excuses and drug as many people as possible into the sea with us, but not Jonah.  He took the plunge.

Now God had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah and the fish did just that; he liked obeying his Maker. Now that fish preached Jonah a great sermon.  He took him down to the bottom of the seas with the sea weeds wrapped around his head and let Jonah know that there was no place he could go to hide from God.

I am certain that you know there is a lot more that could be said but you have read about all you are going to read so here goes the finish of this fish gone a preaching story.

Jonah repented, God had the fish throw him up, preachers make for poor digestion, and Jonah went to Nineveh and the entire city was saved.  See what happens when we obey God?

Here is the lesson of the fish, one that all of us should learn, If you are going to run from God, ‘Where are you going?’

If you are going to do something you don’t want God to see you do, ‘Where are you going?’ In fact if you are going to say something you don’t want God to hear, ‘Where are you going to say it?’ if you are going to think something you don’t want God to know about, ‘Where will you go to think it?’

Pretty good preacher from that big ole fish, in fact his story is better than most preachers tell about fishing.

Ivan N. Raley

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