Who Do You Work For?

Who Do You Work For?

Nehemiah was a Godly man who found that he serving an ungodly king in an ungodly land as no more than a slave. But Nehemiah was an unusual man in that he knew he was not really working for this ungodly king but rather he was working as a servant of The King, God.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself and always complaining about the hard place life had put him in he served his earthly master as though he were serving God. You see Nehemiah discovered that as a believer he was always in the service of God. Reading the story you will discover that he did such a great job that God opened the door through this ungodly king to send him on a great mission.

Now most of us when we work for a boss we don’t like, maybe he is unfair, maybe he is a lousy boss but instead of seeing ourselves having been put there by the Lord we just spend all of our time complaining.

I am sure that he could have found much to complain about but Nehemiah realized that his real boss was God and, that God had placed him there for a purpose and he would do a really great job because he was not working for an ungodly king but for his King, God.

Who do you work for?


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