Looking in the Mirror

Betty had made a lot of bad choices in high school and college, her first and maybe biggest mistake was attending school in the same small town where she grew up and went to college.

She had made a really bad reputation for herself in high school and it had followed her into college, her job, church, and circle of friends. By the time she had reached 24 there was no guy with a decent reputation who would date her or even be seen with her. To get too close to her was to get the stains of all the wrongs that no one wanted.

She moved to a large city and got lost in the crowds of faceless people. She did alright with her job but she just repeated a lot of the mistakes of the past and after several years she stood one day and looked at her reflection in a store window.

It wasn’t any better than her home and here she had no real friends and people who cared for her.

Betty returned home lived a different life, made new friends, threw away old habits and in time she could look in the mirror and realize it was not those around her that made the difference it was the one who lived in her that really mattered.



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