Under Orders

Under Orders

David walked out of the hotel in his freshly pressed Navy uniform of a three striper, Commander in the United States Navy.

He walked toward his car where the doorman from the hotel was holding the back door open for him, thanked the doorman and spoke to the driver as he slipped into the back seat.

As they pulled away from the hotel he said to the driver, “Gabe I am not really sure what I am supposed to do on this call.”

The driver said they he believed the duty of the day was to simply visit the mother and father of a fallen sailor, they had been having a hard time with the death of their ‘seal’ son and his job was to bring them some comfort.

The Commander told the driver that he really was not sure what he could do, what to say how to act.

Gabe told him just to do and say what his father wanted him to say, ‘Maybe tell them what you wanted and needed to hear when your son did not come home.’

David thanked him, put his head back, closed his eyes and remembered.

They saw the couple sitting on the front porch when they parked in front of the house; David got out walked toward the porch, removed his cover and called their name. They threw their arms around him and the tears from all three began to flow.

David now understood his duty and the planned minutes soon became two hours and as he walked back to his car he knew that all was well, he had done his duty he had served his command and orders well.

(Not what we say but how we feel that fits so many moments.}


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