You Talk Fast

You Talk Fast

She shut the door to her car and made sure it locked, and then she headed to the entrance of the grocery store. She saw him the moment her eyes adjusted to the bright sun, he was old, bent over, walking with one arm carrying a bag of groceries and a crutch under the other arm.

He was struggling to get across the cross walk he almost lost his balance, stopped for a moment regrouped then continue his walk toward her.

She grabbed the bag of groceries as she asked him if she could help then turned to go in his direction. She asked which car was his, he looked at her and said “You young folks are sure fast; it would be wonderful if you would help me but I don’t have a car and my house is about a block down across this main street. I sure wouldn’t expect you to carry my stuff that far.”

“Glad to”, she said, “Beautiful day for a walk, by the way she asked why don’t you have a wheel chair?”

He replied that he had almost purchased one but it was just too far out of his budget.

“Well”, she said, “we have one at my church that spends more time in the closet than it does moving someone, why don’t I bring that to you?”

He told her all the reasons he could not take their chair, she said ok I will bring it by tomorrow, also some of our men will be over to measure and get your house ready for the ramp they are going to build.

He repeated, “You sure are fast, you don’t know how to accept no.” “No reason to accept no, after all Jesus is going to bring the wheel chair and build the ramp, we are just going to lone Him our bodies.”

The wheel chair left the closet, the ramp was build and an old man made some great new friends.



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