Just A Moment

A Calling

It was a Friday Morning in August 1953 when I knelt at the front on the sawdust floor at the open chapel at Camp Linden and said to God in front of my friend and mentor Jim Allen, I will do whatever you want me to do, go through any door, and be whatever you want me to be.

I never dreamed in all of my wildest moments that I would spend my life in His service. That I would pastor over 60 years, serve as Vice President of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home for 12 years and as an old man pastor a church and love each moment of it.

I never dreamed that I would someday be a guest of the congressman who was to be a featured speaker at the National Day of Prayer in the Cannon office building in our Nation’s Capital. To be honored twice to be a guest chaplain at the United States House of Representatives and be asked to open the session with prayer and spend time with two different Speakers of The House.

That I would travel to five continents to share the good news. To see the war in Rwanda first hand in 1994, and to help build a home for children, in Zaire, who had been displaced by that carnage.

To talk with firefighters and police officer busy at ground zero in New York shortly after Nine Eleven as their hearts were breaking and visit with the families of those who were missing from that terrible Tuesday morning. My friend Jim Allen has made his journey to Jesus. I know of only one person still living who has known me all of my life. My “Just a Moment” have now totaled in sum to an old life and yet God still blesses and cares for me.

This past Sunday the church honored me for the 15 years that I have served as their pastor. They have been so good to me.

My wife and our blended family have added joy and length to my years. Maybe this is enough but I shall hope for another “Just a Moment” to say more. Thank you Lord for placing a calling upon my life for giving to me these wonderful rich years…

–           Just as He called a boy from 246 South Lindsey Street He has called you.

–           Ivan

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