When Right is Wrong

When Right is Wrong

When I was four we lived on Lexington Ave. in Jackson, TN, Next door to us was a family of two boys and one girl. The girl was about 15 but because of her birth she was still a child in her heart and mind. But I really liked her because she was the only ‘big’ person who would play in the sand box with me and do so many of the things that I as a four year old really loved to do.

Her brothers, not really, but in my mind, were mean to her. One day they had a party and had borrowed from the church several chairs, they didn’t let their sister or me come to the party. Worse than that after the party they stacked the chairs up and got her to walk by them and just as she did they pushed them over on her and made her cry.

I was really mad, they had hurt my friend and I too felt hurt. A few afternoons after that I was in their back yard and they were putting sand down in front of a new window that had been put in their playhouse.

I asked them what the sand was for and they told me it was so if anyone looked in the window or broke it they would get their footprints.

Later that day just as the sun was going down I went over picked up a big rock and stood just outside the sand and threw it at the window and ran home as fast as I could. Funny I can still hear the sound of glass breaking.

The next morning I went over and watched them sweeping up the broken glass, I poked my head in the playhouse and said, “Did you get any footprints?”

That is when right is wrong.

I never told this story to anyone until many years later and I told it in a sermon where I was preaching on the radio, before night fell one of the boys who had listened to the radio called and said they had never expected that I was the villain.

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