Found Any Peace?

Peace is not always what we expect it to be.  Many would believe that peace would be to have no debt, others great health, and other that which is most important to them.

We are not at peace today. Not only are our men and women in harms way but our world is out of step. Greece has a headrace and America catches the flu, Italy sneezes and our Wall Street gets a fever. The world is not at peace with all of its wealth.

We certainly don’t have much peace today as the world would define it. Just listen to the news, read the papers, read your email and you will see what an inward war we are fighting even among our own people. To read our mail you would think that we do not like anyone. I have just about stopped watching the news; it rattles my brain and makes me sick. I can’t believe what we say about one another, our hearts cannot be right.

We live in a world that is sick and we don’t recognize the disease. Can I say, is it politically correct, SIN is our problem. We have played with sin so long that we do not see it even when it moves into our own hearts and heads. We need a great dose of confession and then a long shower of His forgiveness.

Maybe we don’t have peace because we don’t know what peace really is? I think the best description of peace is the simple truth of knowing that we belong to God and we can depend upon Him for all things.

No one and no power is going to give you peace. No political party, no government program, no bank account can bring you real peace. God alone can give us peace; why don’t we call upon Him?


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  1. Well said brother, and I know these words are from your heart.

    • Thanks, have a great day.

  2. Well said! I couldn’t agree more. So many eyes and ears need these words!

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