In the Wind

With The Wind in The Sail

A number of years ago I use to do some sailing, it was an activity which while I was not good at it I still enjoyed.

When the wind was right and I was doing what I should as the skipper it was a beautiful, relaxing, quiet experience. But sometime, maybe because of the change of the wind but most often because of my skill I would loose the wind, suddenly the sail would collapse and the boat would seem to stall, it would always take me a few minutes to recover, to find the wind and fill the sails and feel the forward motion of the boat, again it would be beautiful and relaxing.

But loosing the wind was never fun; I know some people, maybe you have met someone like them, who can remove the wind from anything, just take all the beauty, all the joy, all the excitement out of a moment. It was not always what they said; sometimes it was the way, the tone, just something that flowed out of them that stole the wind, caused the sails to flap and the forward direction to stop. In time you come to just not share the joy of your ‘sailing’ with them for the flapping sails are never a joy.

What kind of person are you, one who turns the rudder just right and keeps the sail filled with the wind or one who steals the wind?


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