Chasing Time


The gates have opened, the bell sounded, and the shot has been fired; we are off on our annual chase of time. As the clock ticks away in its always forward motion we charge to catch it, live it, use it but when the hands come back to the final twelve we find ourselves beaten and broken by time. We did not win the race, we did not even come close, and time out flew us and left us breathless and weary in our journey.

Not this year; no more chasing time, 2017 will see us grab it by both hands and use it to our fullest. We will accomplish the task that God places before us. To do this we must realize that He will never ask of us time that we do not have, He will not add confusion and hurry and rush to our race; He will add direction, peace, calmness, and a perfect sense of His presence. He will give us time for our families, time for ourselves, and in receiving this time we will discover that there is plenty of time to do the task which He sits before us.

It is not a matter of using every second, keeping a written schedule, and shoe horning each spare moment into some useable place; rather it is receiving only the task He calls us to, and not wasting the time but investing the time in His calling. A snooze on the couch is not waste, an afternoon of just window shopping, watching the children play, seeing that special movie and walking with one you love toward nowhere and for no purpose is not wasting time, but rather it is investing in winning the race with time.

Here we come time and no longer do we chase you but now we ride you like the great winning stallion that you are meant to be.


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