It Feels Good Tonight

David loved Christmas! Even though this was his first Christmas he had fallen in love with it at first sight.  The light, everywhere there were lights, the music, the food, what was not to like, even the shoppers, it was a wonderful time and he enjoyed each moment.

He stood to the side inside the store watching the children lined up to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, they were excited, some bashful, some cried and many of them hugged the white bearded man and ran quickly back to their parents.

He could see Bobby asking Santa for a remote controlled fire truck with a long ladder on the back. He saw to the side in a crowd of parents Bobby’s mother trying to get Santa’s attention and shaking her head no. But no matter what Santa suggested Bobby came back to the fire truck.

David watched her count out the money for the picture the girl handed her of Bobby and Santa; it seemed to David that it had taken most of her money. She clutched the picture, placed it in her bag and followed as Bobby drug her to the stack of Remote Controlled Fire Trucks in the center aisle.

He saw her looking with almost tearful eyes at the $69.95 price on the sign and then gently direct Bobby to another part of the store.  David, got the attention of a clerk, gave her a box with the fire truck in it and handed her a large box of Logos; He asked if she could get it wrapped in a hurry and she assured him it would be done in a flash.

With the package in hand he went out to the front of the store and asked the Santa there who was collecting funds for something, to give the box to the lady coming out with the small boy in tow, with that he placed a $10.00 bill in the pot and stood against the wall of the building.  Santa handed the box to the lady and she jumped as though she was afraid, “Not to worry Miss this is a gift from Santa, please take it but you can’t open it until Christmas morning.” She started to talk, but Santa said, “On your way now Miss, Santa is very busy, Merry Christmas and Ho, Ho, Ho”

David smiled as he watched the mother and son looking at the wrapped gift as they walked toward the car. Not a big thing he thought, it won’t change the world, and no one will know a year from now, but it sure does feel good tonight.



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