Mary Pondered

Mary Pondered

When the shepherds left the manger scene the bible says that Mary pondered all of these things in her heart.

I think we can be sure that she had many such moments before the birth of Christ. We celebrate for her, the honor given to her to bring the flesh born body of Jesus into the world.

She had no way to understand all that was taking place in her life, she visited Elizabeth and the moment she walked into the house Elizabeth knew and she knew that the baby within Mary was her Lord.

No one can know all that Mary went through in those months. She and Joseph could not celebrate as our couples do today waiting for their child to be born.  The neighbors did not make over her; in fact I am sure that most felt that she and Joseph had broken their vows. They were sinners. The months were not spent in joy but in confusion, they knew the truth but no one else would believe the truth.

It would not be until the empty tomb that people would know, believe, and even then many still would not accept this wonder of wonders, this gift to each of us, One who owed no debt paid the debt which we all owe and no one but Christ could pay.

Mary pondered, yes, many times and in many ways, her son, God’s gift to each of us, brought many tears and countless rumors to His parents.

Salvation is not free, God gave His Son but the joys which we have over our children Joseph and Mary would not be able to share with their friends and neighbors. Salvation cost this family many tearful nights and it cost Christ His glory while He walked among men.

Maybe we should each say thank you God for your gift, thank you Joseph and Mary for obeying God.


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