The Moving Finger of Time

The Moving Finger of Time

Two days more and the calendar will be torn and the last month of 2016 will roll us into its mist. Seems like only yesterday I was a boy playing in the vacant lot on Lindsey Street, no cares no worries just enjoying the days of childhood.

Now so long since those innocent days the future seems to hang like a great cloud that will wrap me in its presence and I shall be walking in a land I have only dreamed of, a land I have never seen but in which I have been promised I can live forever.

I wonder if I will have the wonderful memories of this place, this time, and this my age. Thursday was a beautiful day, joy flooded our home and our bodies were filled with the harvest of our hands, laughter, dreams, and joy were talked about and all at our home fell fast asleep in the glory of another Thanksgiving.

Just a couple of weeks ago I had a great birthday, nothing was spared and I was made the center of attention and we all had a wonderful time.

Will I take those memories with me? My three sisters, two of my nephews and both of my parents are now in that land of dreams, I will see them, know them and weep for the joy that we shall be together forever.

Byrdstown has so marked my life that I will certainly carry much of it with me to that place and time. I will brag to all who will listen of the wonderful people of this city, of the joy I have had in these ageing years.

Yes the Moving Finger of Time does move only forward but the memories it cannot erase, age weakens the body but not even age has weaken my love of these hills, this place, and most of all the people of our community.

December is coming and Christmas is but a breath away; how wonderful it is to live in the land of America to spend these days as a ‘ship in’ here in the upper Cumberland. Thank you for your warm acceptance of me.


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