A Gift for God

A Gift for God

I can remember people coming by at Christmas that we had not seen in a long time and we had not purchased a gift for them. So we would rush around and wrap something to have for them before they left.  I think a lot of people try that with Jesus.  Just give him what is lying around, just anything, and get him on his way. That will not do, Jesus wants our service, real service, and nothing else will do. Jesus wants our hearts and our witness.

Take this week of Thanksgiving and use it to prepare your heart to someday meet God face to face and give praise to Him. You can do that by not waiting until Thursday to give thanks but rather begin even today, Tuesday, to give praise and Thanksgiving to God. Don’t worry about your gift fitting Him, being the right color, or meeting His desire; for His desire is for you to bear fruit and the fruit bearing begins with giving Him your praise and honor.  Just look around like my son use to do at the table when asked to say the blessing, see what is before you and like Vann say thank your Lord for the turkey, beans, and etc. I am sure that as you look you will see many things for which you can praise the Lord, begin now, look around your room, walk out the door, see, and behold His blessings.

Give God two gifts this year, your heart and your witness.

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