Kill the Rooster

Kill the Rooster

Booker T. Washington told the story of his early life as a slave on a plantation in Virginia and how each morning long before day light an old rooster would wake him and all the other slaves by its crowing. It was an eternal reminder to all of them that they were slaves.

The morning after word of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation reach them Washington said the rooster woke him but this time it was from his mother chasing the rooster around the barnyard with an ax. She caught that noisy fellow and fried him for lunch. As tough as he was the meal was still delicious for it celebrated their freedom and the reminder that they were slaves was gone forever. They were now a free people.

I can imagine that Peter each time he told the story of his denying the Lord would have like to have caught that crowing rooster and put him to silence. Maybe it is time for you to silence that ‘rooster’ in your life that reminds you of the sin that was once yours and the failures that have plague your life.

Satan loves the roosters of this world which say to us; we are not worthy, we do not deserve to be forgiven, and that we are still guilty sinners. Satan delights in the smallest reminder that troubles our souls and worries our lives. He loves for us to feel guilty.

Nothing breaks our joy and fellowship like the crowing rooster of a past failure. You destroy that rooster at the cross of Calvary where Christ paid for all of your sin and set you free for all of eternity. Don’t live in the hollow sounding cry of the rooster, receive the forgiveness of Jesus.


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