I Will Carry You

(Our daughter Jennifer lost her dog on Monday of this week, John and Justin led the family in digging his grave and we stood and told of great moment he had given to the family. The moments cause me to remember my faithful friend Louie, I have told this before but it does me good to tell it again.}

I Will Carry You

For those who have known me long you will remember that I use to have a beautiful blonde Cocker Spaniel named Louie. I owned Louie’s father thus he had belonged to me for all of his life. Born on Christmas day he lived almost 15 years, in those last weeks he taught me some very important lessons; I would like to share them with you.

Toward the end of his life he had a very difficult time walking and even though I had a doggy door into my patio room so that he could come in and out from his fenced in yard it became very difficult for him to get his fifty pounds over the little door panel and through the doggy door so I got where I would go out and make sure that he came in each night, he didn’t see well, had difficult hearing so it was easy for him to get confused and not be able to get inside.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was well past his bedtime and he was not yet in the house, so I went out in the yard and called and called him, I could not find Louie, I got a flash light and began to look under the bushes in the back yard and there he was, as always his eyes lit up when he saw me and his tail began to wag just a bit, I tried to get him to come out from under ,the bush but realized that he just was too week to make it, I told him not to worry, that I knew he was tired so I would come under the bush and that I would carry him to bed; so I crawled under the bush and told him that I would get him in the house. I put him in my arms and carried him to his bed which was in my bed room, talking to him and telling him how much and long I had been looking for him, he looked so comforted, his eyes lit up and maybe there was just a bit of a wag in the tail. I put him on his bed, tried to get him to eat a treat, he wasn’t interested, gave him some water and washed his face and eyes with a warm wet cloth, I covered him with his blanket, put his bone beside his head and listened as the sound of sleep came my way from him. I got in my bed, turned off the light and fell into a wonderful sleep, Louie was safe, I was safe. In the morning I looked at the floor beside my bed and there was my friend Louie, it was all gone, somehow he had found the strength to come to my side of the bed and fall into that lovely sleep of perfect rest. I learned a lesson from Louie;

Someday the Lord will come and He will call my name, I will be under my bush, it might be the pulpit I love, in my car, asleep in my bed, in a hospital room with all of my children there, but somewhere under my bush He will find me and He will say, “Ivan, you need to get out from under that bush and come in, tell you what I will carry you, I know you are tired, so I will carry you.”

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  1. Oh my! Put this on Facebook! Beautiful on so,many levels! Thank you!

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