Hurt is Real

Hurt Is Real

This was a new world for Richard, as new as if he were in some foreign land. He got out of his car, noticed that on the outside it looked better than any on the lot, but he knew that under the steel and fiberglass it was being held together more by prayer and will than anything.

He use to get it serviced as soon as he expected a problem, now it was when it would not go any further and he scraped the money together. It had been a really upscale car, but then he did spend most of his time in it running from appointment to appointment but the appointments had ended almost two years ago and now he just cleaned and washed his car himself each week. What else did he have to do?

Inside the state employment office he took a number and waited. The company he had invested twenty years of his life had made a mistake which cost them all of their assets and him and another thousand people their jobs. Sure they had managed to give him a reasonable severance package, name of other companies in his business, the car and his 401, at least the part that was left after the market fell.

The package was spent; insurance on the family gone, car dying, and he believe he was next on the list. He had tried all the places he knew to try, but the kids who had interview him just looked at him like he was some kind of left over relic from the past. Not even sixty yet and already old, that’s what he thought.

The lady at the state office who interviewed him said that she understood that as a medical salesman his chances of finding any kind of job just almost didn’t exist. There were far too many others like him, walking the street, looking for a job.

He considered going back to school and getting his teachers certificate but the local principal had warned him that there were three people in line for every job. He checked out the medical training schools, they just knew he would be great and after investing twenty thousand dollars with them he would be into the market big time. But his friends in the field told him that only about half of the graduates got a job in their trained field and that the pay was nothing close to what the school had said. He left the office wondering where to go next, maybe home; at least there he was still wanted and needed.

He drove by their church as he came into their neighborhood and once again felt the greatest pain of all.

After twenty years of being a part of that family no one had ever mentioned his hurt and lost ness. He talked to the pastor, he said he would pray for him, and Richard knew that God did answer prayers, but there, in his home of worship, no warmth, no assurance, not even an invitation to dinner for him and his wife.

He wasn’t sure what he would do next, they could reverse mortgage their home, and maybe it would be enough to get him to the end. Everyone said things were getting better but at 710 Cole Street this was not even close to being true, not even close. Hurt is real, so real and sometimes it seems to never end. Ivan

(In honor of a hurting nation and all the real people who know that Hurt is Real.)

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