Who Are You Voting For

Who Are You Voting For

I think I get this question about ten times each day; I will give you my standard answer, guess and you will be half right for sure.

But I will tell you what I am doing, I am praying, several times each day and always one of those times is at 8:00 P.M. Central for one minute. I understand there are thousands of people praying all across the country at that same time, why don’t you join us?

Our nation is broken, our system is blocked, and our middle class of people are hurting. For example I have two grandchildren who finished college and still are looking for ‘real work’. It is not that what they are doing is unimportant, it is, but the jobs are like those we could get out of high school.

Another grandson finished college and because of ROTC he has a job and his salary is like a college graduate would expect. But if we carry out the plans of downsizing our military in a couple of years he will be looking for the service jobs which our nation has starting calling career opportunities. It has been my experience that those jobs unless they are in management, are really intended for part-time and students who wish to work.

Friends no matter who you plan to vote for you had better spend a lot of time in prayer for our nation; otherwise the America you and I grew up in will not exist.

Get on your knees and put your heart in God’s hand and pray for a REVIVAL.



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  1. Amen!!!! Never in my lifetime have I ever seen anything like what is going on in our world! Thank You Lord that YOU are Sovereign and You sent Your Son to die so those who Believe in Him will live eternally with You! No matte who wins the presidency! Hallelujah!

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