What God Wants

Of all the families in our small rural church they were by no stretch of the imagination the wealthiest. The father worked on a farm for a large land owner, his home provided with the job was small, maybe 1200 sq. feet. The family of five lived in every inch of the house, no space was wasted and most of it was used for a number of purposes.

For example the family room as we would call it was also the living room, the dining room, and when company came it served as the guest bedroom. Small but filled with people and no space wasted.

The family car was a pickup truck, boys in the back, Dad, mom, and daughter in the front seat. It ran most of the time but sometimes we had to help them jump or push it off. It never seemed to be a bother to them; they just moved on along and never missed a service at church or event at school. When one came, they all came.

One day as I was walking through his fields with him I asked him how he managed to always keep such a positive outlook and how did he keep the children so contented when they attended school with other who seemed to have so much?

He laughed and said you know pastor what God ask of us is not complicated, in fact it is rather simple. God wants for us the very best and that is not what most people are seeking for; God wants us to be happy, stay in touch, and say thank you. We do that and the joy overshadows all that some might say we do not have, we are happy because we wish to be, we keep in touch with God because we enjoy the friendship, and we are always thankful.



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