At ball games, worship services, and other places where Americans gathered we saw our nation pause and give honor to those who were killed in the attack on our country fifteen years ago on 9/11.

Those of us living at that time remember what we were doing and where we were when our news media broke its regular broadcast and began to tell our people that radical Islamist had attack our nation. In the aftermath of the dust we would learn that 2,996 people were killed on that terrible Tuesday in September of 2001.

Not only did towers fall and people died but our way of life changed forever. The hug at the gate in an airport would never be again, A war of what seems like forever has buried so many of our young adults and many others will never be repaired from the cost to their bodies of the war against people who claim to be fighting in the name of some god.

Our nation has become polarized over the use of words and we seem almost as mad at our own people as we are at the enemy.

I saw a boss not long ago turn pale white when one of his men described me as an old man; I thought the boss was going to have a heart attack because he had used such a description. How silly, if you can’t look at me and see that I am old then you can’t fix my lawn mower, you are blind. See how far we have carried all of this.

Wake up America we have a real enemy of religious radicals who wish us nothing but evil and our only way to victory is through our Lord, God’s Son, Christ.

Get real, the war is real, the enemy is real, and we need an army of praying Christians to win the victory. We will not win with guns; we will win by being in the center of God’s will.


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