A Tuesday In September

A Tuesday In September

Fifteen years ago this Sunday our nation fell victim to those who hate our way of life. Out of the darkness of hate they charged into the sky to forever change the skyline of New York City, Washington D.C. and plans to do the same in Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angelis. From New York and Washington and the plane overtaken by the passengers they killed almost 3,000 people.

Had it not been for the fireman, emergency responders, and police officers the death toll   would have been three times that in New York alone? From their darken hearts our enemies drove their sword of hate into the heart of the American people.

Today we, who are hated, for our wealth, freedom, beliefs, and way of life, rise above the sewer of hate and stand instead to honor our fallen.

We go not to the pit of hate but rather to the home of a fallen firefighter whose two year old daughter never got to know her dad; to the homes of all the others who were left with broken dreams and empty chairs and say ‘Thank You’; for the pain of your home has proved once again that freedom is greater, that America is the greatest place on earth to live; and that we remember those who paid a price that all of us can only imagine.

Father it is our prayer that all of those who suffered on that day and the several thousand who have suffered since because of that dark hour will know of a Nation great appreciation. We pray that the years have helped to heal the wounds of that Tuesday in 2001 and those made since; Father help each of us to see the greatness of our land and seek not to laud it over others but to help it become their dream for themselves as well as ours. Thank you Father for our nation, protect us, and direct us, that the future will belong not to us but to you.


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