For The Workers

Today we honor the working people of our nation. If you will do just a bit of research you will see how much of the growth of our nation these people are responsible for.

We could have never won the Second World War without the hands and might of our working people. Over 16,000,000 women went to work in the 40’s; they helped to supply all of our military as well as two-thirds of the military of Great Britain and Russia.

Example, from 41 to 45 we built 1,200 war ships, 101 Air Craft carriers, 300 subs, 8 battle ships along with 637,248 aircraft, 6,771 large ships, 4,358,000 tanks and vehicles.

We went to work and the working people of America placed us not only in victory but as the greatest nation in the world.

My dad went to work as a young man and spent a lifetime with the same company, more than 40 years. Like most of the others he purchased a home, paid for it, raised four children, and provided for his care as an old man.

He never considered not working, he never expected someone else to pick up the pieces, he believed that God had given him a job and he made a career out of it.

We need a generation of people to join our workforce and move our country from one of encouraging people not to work to one that makes it a delight to work.

We honor you the people of America, thank you for carrying your load and providing for the good of all who are unable to provide for themselves. Remember those who can should be job bound, those who cannot we can and will take care of, for that is who we are.



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