Your Investment

He left his townhouse and decided to walk the blocks around his new ‘billet’. He had spent 36 years in the Navy and now at the age of 55 was on his on and without a job for the first time since he was 19.

Kyle had never married, lived most of his life in the quarters provided by the navy and as a mustang Commander he had lived in the Bachelor Officers Quarters. The years at sea and on navy bases both at home and around the world had given him an opportunity to meet a lot of people but he had only made surface friends.

His only family, a brother, lived more than two thousand miles away and he had not seen him in ten years or more so all of this ‘liberty’ was new to him. He had chosen Buford, SC as his retirement home because of the navy bases and hospital so even this area was a stranger to him.

His retirement was great, money was of no concern, but time; time was a problem.  No morning muster to check, no routine to follow, any daily drills, and schedules left his life an empty vessel.

As he circled the neighborhood he discovered several open lots, almost like parks, but there was nothing there just empty vacant space. The children he saw played in their yards, and they certainly seemed far too small, to do any real playing in.

There was a school in the area, it seemed to be for the younger grades, so he knew that a number of children lived in the area, but where were they when school was out and the school was closed.

After reading about the area and checking with the local parks department he learned that the lots had been left by the developers of the subdivision to be used as public property, parks of some sort but there had never been any money to do anything more than keep them clean and mowed.

Long story made short Kyle reached out to the families in the community and after a number of meetings and a lot of discussion he begin to develop one of the areas as a small softball field along with playground equipment for younger children.

He discovered a couple of guys he had served with living in the area and with their help the project was completed and money was raised for a summer team of college students to oversee the park and keep it open for children all summer long.

Kyle would sit for hours on a bench and watch the children and their families play; he marveled at the joy they shared and found his heart filled with his on quiet joy for having found a project and bringing it to completion.

Is it not amazing how just regular people can make such a difference in the lives of others when they decide to invest them in the needs of someone beside themselves? You don’t have to build a park; you might just visit a lonely person or write a note to a hurting heart. Try it.


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