Morning Would Not Come

In The Morning

He had spent so much of his life taking care of her that now that she was gone he did not know what to do.

He had put all other relations on hold and held on to his mother and driven by her need his life had moved forward leaving all of those who once knew him in another world.

No courting for him, no relations, not even casual, his mother was so jealous that his life was never normal, never his, always driven by her needs and desires.

,He walked away from the cemetery and it was so different than he had believed it would be, he was sure he would feel a freedom, a release, a weight removed, but it was not so, he wasn’t even sure which way to turn from the entrance of her resting place.

There was nothing to do now, no one to tell him all of their ills and all of their fears, it wasn’t freedom it was just a different room in a different jail.

He sit on the bed and pulled off his shoes and decided that tonight he would really sleep. None of her fearful screams to wake him, none of her demands for water, food, nothing; but sleep would not come the house was too empty, the lack of noise left it feeling dreadfully cold and empty.

Maybe in the morning, the new day would bring direction, hope, plans and life; but in his heart he knew it would not for his world had been wrapped around her and she took the key to life when she left. Morning would not come.


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