I Am Getting Old

I Am Getting Old

I am certainly getting old, I know that but sometimes it hits me like a bolt of lighting. I know my age; I know that I can remember some events from the Second World War. Like the soldiers running down our street going to their training at the Cotton Grove Road airport, the flag which hung in our church with the pictures and names of all the young men serving in the war pinned to the stars.

I remember when my cousins, brother in law and future brother in law all went off ‘to war’; I remember when they came to tell us that Maury Evans would not be coming home and so many other moments.

I remember when cokes were a nickel and it cost a dime to go to the ‘movies’, popcorn was a nickel and we always saw two movies, shorts, cartoons, and news reels. Of course I remember the Korean War,Vietnam, and all the other conflicts.

I remember that we took typing in high school on manual typewriters, only beer came in cans, gas was less than a quarter and I played outside all day.  I remember when Johnnie Barber and Betty Upton were children because I too was a child, when Lindsey Street was unpaved, and our house had neither air conditioning nor a television.

But old, surely it cannot happen to me, my grandfather and grandmother were old, Mr. and Mrs. Evans were old, but me, no way. How could that have happened, it just cannot be so. But Sunday I saw a picture that Carole took of me from the back walking through the Native American Museum Washington, wow that is an old man.

I don’t have to see his face; I don’t need to be up close I can see from here, he is old.  I can also see that it is me, at first I wanted to believe it was my dad, but it is not it is really me. There I am in the form that life has now taken me.

No wonder young people look at me with suspicion when I get out of the car and the car hop at Sonic looks twice when she comes to my window. They must all wonder ‘Who let him out?’

I think I will stop now, maybe take a nap, maybe have another glass of tea, for sure the mirrors in my house must come down and all with cameras are forbidden in my presence. I am old and sometimes it really hurts to know it.


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  1. You are always young in your heart and a enjoyment to listen too. I love to hear how you take a bible verse and relate it to our life today. Never think of yourself as being old, only being blessed and blessing others.

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