Wake Up America

A Spiritual Awakening in America

No matter who leads the nation if God is not in control there is no future. One thing about our system of government we are able to take change in leadership without falling apart. Our system allows us to get mad, to change parties, and to make great pronouncement. However rarely does any real change take place.

I join you and others across our country and pledge my prayers to all of those who will be elected to serve in positions of leadership. I pray not for a political change but a spiritual awakening in America.

We are too divided, too polarized, and too angry to become the Nation we should be in this world of the final time and coming kingdom. We need God.  We see through the elements that God is still in control, that He is not only the designer of this world He is also the judge of this world.

Let us as individuals bring back the America that put ‘In God We Trust” on our money, that proclaim for all to hear when we give our pledge of allegiance, ‘One Nation under God.

Our greatest hope and our greatest weapon in doing this is the life that each of us live as Christians, as men and women of real character. Let us not be angry with one another, let us instead bring others to Jesus not by what we say and preach but by what we do and how we live. Let us be salt to our nation and light to our world and let the us in that be ourselves.


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  1. Amen! Couldn’t agree with you more!

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