The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

I sat in the room with my dad as the two doctors in charge of his care made their early morning visits. The first doctor entered the room, glanced at me and standing at the end of the bed told dad that his test were looking better and that he was going to order more. He looked at the record in his hand, told him to have a nice day and left; Time of visit; six minutes.

About thirty minutes later Dr. Ballard came in, he shook my hand, said he was glad to see me and turning to dad said, “That bald headed boy is beginning to look a lot like his father. Then he sat on the bed, held dad’s hand, touched his brow and looking into his eyes told him that he was certainly improving. He assured him that they were going to do everything they could to get him home just as soon as possible. He said they would do a couple of more test just to keep him, the doctor, on his toes and holding his hands said, Mr. Ivan, you are going to beat this, now is not your time, I will see you and that bald headed son soon, take care and let me know if you need anything. With that he left; time of visit, six minutes.

I asked dad what he thought. “Well that first fellow didn’t have much time did he? Guess he has a lot of sick people to attend to. But you know Dr. Ballard is really smart, he just believes that I am going to be ok, and you know son; so do I. But I sure don’t know how he spends so much time with me when I know he has a lot of others who need him more.”

Both doctors were well trained, both knew what they were doing, both said about the same thing, but Dr. Ballard; well he had the touch, the healing touch.


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