The War Years

The War Years from Lindsey Street

Some memories float to the front of those early years of my life and our nation at war. Our home like most on Lindsey Street had a radio around which we would gather each night to listen to the news of our troops. Dad would tune the magic eye of our upright Zenith and we would spend the evening listening. I remember hating Walter Winchell, Garber Heater and others as they broadcast the daily reports. I think it was fear in a young boy’s heart that one day he would have to be part of that nightly news. Going to the movies became a real chore for me because they would always show the Movie Tone News and I was extremely frighten by the destruction, bullets flying through the sky and bombs drooping from planes. I can even remember leaving the theater before the movie to get away from the news. I remember a day in the fall of 1944 when my teacher Ms Kea was called from the class room and returned to get her personal items in tears having been told that her brother had been killed in France. Later that school year when we received word that the war in Europe was over I remember her telling us the news and then she began to weep saying that all of the boys would not be coming home. I was sad for her understanding the mixed feeling she had that the war was over but her brother would not be coming home with the victory. I can remember standing on the corner of Lexington Ave. and Whitehall Street watching the hundreds of troops coming by as they moved from one station to another. It was a wonderful feeling in my heart as I watched the young men come by in trucks, jeeps, and marching. In those moments I was not afraid but was proud to be an American and dreamed that someday I would put on a uniform and go with them.


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