A Celebration

It was wonderful to see our nation celebrate on Monday, bands, cookouts, families gathering, fireworks, it was glorious. There is no place like America.

My first remembrance of a great celebration was on Saturday night August 14, 1945 when our family at 246 South Lindsey Street gathered around the Zenith radio to hear President Truman announce that Japan had agreed to the terms of surrender and a formal surrender would take place on September 2, 1945, in Tokay bay aboard the USS Missouri.

Everyone in Jackson headed for the town square and with horns blowing and flags waving shouting Victory. We didn’t get home until midnight. As we walked down Lindsey Street we saw a candle burning on the porch of the Evan’s home, there in its glow was a picture of their son Lt. Murry Evans, who had died at Normandy.

It was a glorious night for so many but there were tears in the eyes of others who had paid with their full price for the victory.

This meant that Uncle Shelby would be coming home, his ship scheduled to be in the invasion of Japan would return to Pearl Harbor and he to home. My Cousens, Meredith and Thomas Cook, and James West would be returning to Dyersburg, my brother in law Ralph Chandler, who had served in Europe and was waiting now under orders to go to Japan would not make that journey.

Although all of East Jackson had been up until the early hours of the morning our church was filled the next day, our pastor read the names of all of the young men from Calvary who had served and then we all stood as he read the names of those who would not return.

With both tears and joys we left that day with heart full of hope that war would be no more. That dream has not come true but still in our hearts is the gratitude of a grateful nation for we know if we will return and obey Him, He will bring us home.


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