I Thought

I Thought I was a Good Dad

I thought I was a good dad until I watched a man care for his son who would never walk, a son whom so very few could understand his language; then I saw the love, devotion, eternal hope, and patience more than Job which he shared with the son he held.

I thought I was a good dad until a father called and asked if I could take him to a nearby county seat to get his daughter out of jail, he would need a couple of hundred dollars, so I shared it with him. Then I watched as he embraced her and told her how worried he had been and how very glad he was that she was unharmed and now at home.

I thought I was a good husband until I saw an old man coming into the nursing home, I had seen him before so I asked the nurse who he was and why he was there. She explained that he had come to see his wife, I asked about her health, and the nurse said she does not know him nor herself, and no one else, but he still comes each day.

I thought I was a good pastor until I saw a man who had pastored a church for 41 years, they paid him almost nothing, and when he was old they asked him to leave. He left telling them how wonderful the years had been and how he loved them.

I thought I knew what love was until I saw Him, God standing there with His back to the cross as His Son asked why and he whispered back to His Son, because Ivan a little boy coming someday to live at 246 South Lindsey Street needs you.



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