To Fix a Broken World

To Fix a Broken World

I walked out of the store noticed a couple of benches with a couple sitting on one and asked if they objected to my sitting on the other. They both said certainly not and thus we began a conversation.

I was dressed for mowing my lawn and dirty from all of the dust I had mowed, but I really needed to get to the store for a couple of items I needed for Ms. Carole. Now without a tie I really do look bad, my head does not sit right and I just look bad, but they didn’t seem to notice.

I asked them what they thought about the current events and both spoke almost in unison, the world is broken. I concurred and then the man took the floor..

I be thinking about this and the way I see it is that our country is like my old dog who got lost and it took him nearly a year to get home. Our world is lost, our leadership is lost, and our future is lost if something don’t happen.

I threw in, ‘Any suggestions?” He said, maybe we ought to tell all those folks who work for us in all those government places to get up there, make some friends from both parties and do what is right, not for their election but for our country. First thing they be needing is a good old fashion confession meeting followed by a prayer meeting and letting God know that they be real sorry they forgot about Him for so long.

He said, we are still a great nation but we have forgotten that we the people must take the final guilt, we need to fill our churches, confess our sins, and everyone who can should go to work, smile at other folks and be like us here on these benches, talk thing out, be honest and have a real interest in other people.

We had a great time and I never did tell them I was a preacher, we just talked and enjoyed one another, sounds to me like this guy needs to be on somebodies ticket this fall.



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