On The Evans’ Porch

On the Evan’s Porch

It was fun sitting on the front porch with Mr. John that is what I called him, he was really Mr. Evans. I would ask question and he always had the answer. He took me to his water melon patch; we found one about the size of my head so we broke it opened and ate it with his pocket knife.

After the army officer, our pastor and my dad knocked on their door and told them that their son Murry would not be coming home from France, we would talk about him and the places he served and the battles he was in, he was an officer in the army and they were so very proud of him.

Now and then I would ask to go inside and see the framed letter that the army had sent to them and the flag which they said was from the President of the United States.

I visited his grave in Normandy; there with the other more than 9,300 young men who gave their lives that I might enjoy mine. What an honor to stand among those crosses look out across the beach and realize how brave they were on that day in June of 1944.

Mr. John and Mrs. Evans became great friends to a pesky little boy with a thousand questions and a thousand whys.

I visited them the last time with my uniform on, they wanted to see their little boy all dressed up like a sailor.

The family told me that after they made their journey home they found a calendar where Mrs. Evans had written each day, ‘Today I prayed for Sonny’, that was me.

No wonder I have been so blessed, for I had saints praying for me.


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