That Made My Day

That Made My Day

One of the nice things about being my age is you don’t have to do a lot to ‘make my day’.

For example; watching my grandson receive his degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – that made my day. Running into a grand son and his wife, they looked great – that made my day. Seeing so many people for the Tennessee Baptist Children’s’ Home attending the graduation of one of their residence, made my day.

Eating lunch with my son and his family in a fancy restaurant, made my day – watching a grandson and his date attending the Navy Ball – made my day. Seeing him in full dress uniform receiving his completion of NAPS and his orders to the United States Naval Academy from a three star Admiral, made my day.

Eating with all of the family on a pier in Newport – made my day. Holding hands with Carole over dinner in a delightful place with a view of all the sail boats – made my day.

Having Sunday brunch with Carole, something we almost never do – made my day.

Watching another grandson walk across the stage and receive his high school diploma – made my day. Then eating dinner with all of them before driving home to Byrdstown – made my day.

Coming in the back door and having Max jump all over me saying where have you been, why did you stay so long – made my day.

Knowing that even without me our church had a glorious day – that made my day.

Walking into the shell and hearing several of them asking, ‘where have you been’ – that made my day.

Coming into the Dixie and seeing James Hill home from the hospital, first I said thank the Lord, and then thank you Dr. Mason for another miracle – really made my day.

See I told you -That Made My Day.


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