We Have Sinned

We Have Sinned

For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Job 19:25

I watched as the great crowd of people gathered in front of our state capital to pray for our nation. It was moving to see so many people standing, listing, praying for forgiveness of their own sins and for the forgiveness of our nation’s sins.

We were asked to pray and confess our own sins and you could hear the tears in the voices of all those around you as we each confessed to our Lord that we needed His forgiveness and His renewal in our lives.

The gathering with Dr. Franklin Graham was as nonpolitical as would be possible with all that is taking place in our country. He ask that all Christian vote and to study carefully those running for office and seek our Lords will in casting our vote. He expressed that the answer was not in a political party but was in God.

I could not help but remember in the early days of the nation of Israel when they sinned God often gave to them the leader they wanted, a leader that caused great judgment on their land. They wished for a leader who would allow their sin and God granted their wish. Can the same not be true today; a nation that wishes to be built on its on desires will receive the leadership of those desires.

Let us truly confess, turn and fall on our faces before our Lord, may He show us His hand.


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