Let’s see; I have 3 X 10 now I have 30, great: 7 X 20 now I have 140, hey I like this and Peter says he wants God to Multiple our Grace and our Peace.

Now that I could use, more peace, more grace. Our world is struggling for peace, out youth have no peace in their education, job hope, and future, middle age Americans know that if they now have a good job and the company is purchased they will in all likely hood be out looking for another job at halt the salary. Those of my generation worry that they are just one step from a disease or accident that they will not be able to overcome and life as they know it will close.

But there is a place to find peace, that place is in the grace of God. By His grace we are saved, by His grace we will finish the course; by His grace our future is forever secured. Grace alone can bring us peace that is why it is always first for there is no peace without first knowing the grace of God.


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