Our Town

I Like Our Town

I did not come here to stay, I came here as a ship in and was sure I would be around only two or three years, but here it is April 2016 and that is a long time from the first Sunday in February of 2002.

Like so many people from cities like Nashville my first time to come up I didn’t bring any money, just a couple of credit cards. All of us went to lunch and suddenly I realized that they did not take credit cards and they would not cash an out of town check so I had to borrow ten dollars from Jack to get out of washing dishes for my lunch.

Not really sure I ever paid him back that ten dollars, maybe that it why they have allowed me to stay so long, just giving me time to pay back that first loan.

I think everyone thought I would leave when I retired from the Baptist Children’s Home in 2006, but by that time I had fallen in love with my new adopted home. So here I am still around; now I know time is getting short for me but I still enjoy hanging on in this beautiful place.

I have received the best medical care anyone could hope to receive right here in Byrdstown. They even know my name at the clinic and in a lot of the stores where I shop. I had rather pay a bit more if I can get it here than to drive to some other place, besides they really seem like they appreciate my shopping here.

Our school is great our teams have character and our people are real. Because I lived here I opened Congress twice with prayer, not many can say that. Attended the Nation Day of prayer in Washington, D C, opened our State House twice and spoke to our graduates. Life has been good to me.

Our small church can be listened to on five FM station and on the internet around the world, not bad for a small town old man. That small church poured over 120 thousand dollars back into our community and missions around the world this past year, they are so unselfish.

Not sure about the last day, but today has been great, thank you.


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  1. You are in God’s country!

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