It was more than fifty years ago but I remember it like last week. I lived in the churches house which was located next door, in the same yard with the church.

We’ll call him Bob, he was about seven at the time and he spent a lot of time at my house. He lived in a small share cropper’s house in the field across from me. Just out of nowhere he asked me one day, “Why do people say there is no place like home, I know lots of places I like better than home.” I searched for some minutes and said something like, “Bob when you are old enough to understand the difference between a house and home, then you will know what that saying means.” He looked at me and said in a very mature voice, “I like both your house and your home more than mine.” Knowing nothing else to do I hugged him and turned away.

I was in the area of that long ago place this past October speaking at an associational meeting. Having some time to kill before I had to be at the meeting I went by the church and house I had lived in more than fifty years ago.

I decided to visit the house across the road to see if the family was still there only to discover my seven year old friend, now a grown man with his own family. We spoke a few minutes and he said that he remembered me so we talked about long ago days. He turned and looking toward where he had lived at the time and said with tears in his eyes, “Remember that question I asked you about home?  I’m making real sure that my family knows that there is no place like home.  Bro. Ivan I never had that place but I have it now and so do my children.” Knowing nothing else to do I hugged him and turned away.

As I drove off brushing back the tears I thanked God that sometimes even in this life things work out right. And I praised Him for allowing me the desire to go backward for just a moment.

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