Home Invasion

The Home Invasion

I turned off the shower, reached for my towel and just as I stepped out of the stall I saw the reflection out of the corner of my eye.

I jumped, slipped on the floor, and if anyone had been in the house I would have screamed with all my strength. But I was alone and now I was frightened, heart raced, blood pressure went up, and fear overtook my actions.

Who was that? Why were they in my bathroom?  What did they want? All of these rushed through my mind as I caught myself on the safety rail and broke my fall to a safe decent to the now wet floor.

I looked up, no one was there, I was alone, but I know I saw someone, where did they go?  Then my brain came back to its place, my blood pressure peaked and started down, and I realized it was me in the room.

I was seeing my own reflection in the mirror and was startled by what I was seeing. Have I really changed that much?  Has life really been that unkind, that hard, and so damaging?

My music director, Don Norris, use to say that I was older than dirt. Now I really am and not near as valuable. For a moment sitting on the floor I realized that I am as old as all those people in those pictures of my high school class taken recently.

Life has taken a real toll. It has. Where did I go? When I close my eyes I see myself about forty years younger. But when I open my eyes well you know. I think I will remove the mirror from my bathroom, maybe all the mirrors in the house.  Not sure how I will comb my hair.  I know, I know, what hair? Just wait with any luck you will be here someday.


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  1. A good recital of aging, brother. When we approach the 80 mark, we got to admit things are moving along. Physically, I still do very well; slower, but I do a lot and enjoy what I do. But time stands before me with a smile on its face, knowing “it” has me in its sights. There is no effective program for keeping one’s mental and emotional equilibrium. Feeling vulnerable and unappreciated is the theme of the day. My dear friend and personal assistant, however, JoBeth has adopted me for purposes purely spiritually therapeutic. Everyone should be so blest. She sends me scriptures that the Lord gas placed in her heart to share. This one hit the spot yesterday — Proverbs 2:1-5. There is a great satisfaction in reaching out for understanding and feeling you are getting there. How I look forward to sitting down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of God. I guess the best focus I have approaching the 80’s is anticipation. You know the feeling. I remember the anticipation of being with someone who loves me. I am loved. Now approaching twilight, being with Jesus and the saints of old, being real in the anticipation of things to come, I am focused on the greatest of all things which will ever happen — I’m going Home. Here is the thing — “one thing you got to know — some day you gonna die, bro. Then where you gonna go?” We know, don’t we bro?
    This is like a secret we have most of the world does not know. Thankfully, I know that I know that I know what I know. How sweet the passing will be, to a land I know. “There’s no disappointment in heaven — no weariness, no sorrow or pain — no hearts that are bleeding and broken…..” I am bound fir that beautiful city the Lord has prepared for Hus i.e. , where all the redeemed if all ages sing ‘Glory!” around the white throne! That’s it, bro! We will stay focused, right?

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