The Wall

The Wall

I have visited the ‘Wall’ a number of times, you know the one, the great black wall that now displays the names of 58,307 (As of Memorial Day 2015) the wall that holds the names of 154 men who received the Medal of Honor, the names of six sets of brothers and three pairs of fathers and sons, 8 female nurses, 16 Chaplains, one of them received the Medal of Honor. From our own Upper Cumberland area, S4Class James T. Davis is listed as the first man killed in a battlefield action. 997 men were killed on their first day in country and 1,443 died the day they were coming home. That is the ‘Wall’.

Early in the morning once young men now old men will be at the ‘Wall’, the same all day and into the dark of night when the ‘Wall’ becomes as black as the night. Men who came home but left so much of themselves in that far off country that they have never returned, not really.

My nephew, Danny Ayers, is on that wall I have his name on paper marked in black from where I rubbed it for his memory, just a kid, life never got to him, he left it in that far off country.

With the troubles of our country it helps my heart to think of all of those who paid so very much and in their living and dying still remind us that we have a great land.

Stand and look at that ‘Wall’, that is who we really are, not the bitterness and disgruntles that fill our news today, Come on America, stand up, be your best, forget living off of others and put yourself into a position to see the dream, the dream that those 58,307 young men had in their eyes, see it reflected in that black ‘Wall’, that is who we are.


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  1. What a great story! And a great ideal to aspire to!



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