A Vessel

Are You A Vessel

Do you realize that you are a chosen vessel, chosen by God?

You can understand how cautious Ananias had to be when he received instructions to befriend Saul, later to be Paul.

Saul’s reputation had come before him and all who knew of him must have feared for their lives so it is a wonderful thing that Ananias did in being faithful to the call of God.

I believe that our Lord wants each of us to be His vessel. For Ananias being a vessel required him to believe and trust in the call of God.

It might seem to us to have been a very small vessel but not to God. Ananias did what God called him to do; that is the entire requirement for us to be a vessel for Him. As we believe in Jesus and receive the salvation he gives then we become the vessel by being obedient to His will.

I may pastor what the world calls a small church, but it is God’s church and thus I am successful not because of the size of the church I pastor but because of the trust I display in doing what God wants me to do.

God knows where you are, He is aware of your skills and abilities. He understands your personality, your short comings and your very positive abilities.

There is a child waiting for you to give them approval, an aged person in need of a word of comfort and understanding, and any number of others just waiting for your touch and your smile today. From the cashier at the place you do business to the person who waits on your table they are vessels needing to be filled and God has given to you the volume of just the right ingredient to fill that vessel. Do it today.


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